M Bar Shorthorns

Troy Sommer Faye & Clayton Smith


Clayton's turn 4th @ 2014 Jr. Nationals

He wouldn't let us watch him, much less video... had to watch through the window.  2014 Jr. Nationals, he was 4th place in Prospector II

She did it again!

We are so proud of Faye.  She won the Prospector II age division with her speech at the 2012 Junior National.  Unfortunately the video/audio is not very good, you will have to really turn it up.


Faye's 1st place speech @ 2009 Jr. Natls



Enjoy!!  We are so proud of her

Faye's 2nd place speech from 2008 Jr. Nationals

Congrats to Faye-  We are so proud of her!



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