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We take great pride in our cattle.  It is our privilege to offer superior quality meat at competitive prices.  Each year we feed a select few individuals, by hand, to ensure that you get the "best meat you have tasted in a long time".

We DO NOT qualify for the "Natural" programs that are available.  However, we DO NOT feed hormones and we ONLY give antibiotics if our animals are truly ill and their lives are in jeopardy.  That is what reasonable animal husbandry involves.  If you are concerned about what you are eating, you should be aware of what goes into your animals.

These animals are hand fed a grain based diet and they are located here at the ranch.  Consistent care and proven genetics are combined to assure the best quality product we can provide.

If you would like to experience the "best meat you have tasted in a long time", please make your reservations today.  We sell meat by the pound in a mixed quarter. (you will get a variety of cuts from the entire animal)  A quarter of meat is approximately 100 lbs. with approximately 1/4 of that being hamburger.

If you would like more information or would like to reserve a quarter please fill out a customer form.  http://www.mbarshorthorns.com/customerform.htm

When we have meat available, you can purchase it online at our "web store" http://www.mbarshorthorns.com/apps/webstore/.  You will be responsible for picking it up, we will deliver within a reasonable area, please call before purchasing. (620) 386-4696

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