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Summer/ Fall update

Posted by mbarshorthorns on October 5, 2007 at 3:09 PM

Well folks, it?s been all summer and some of the fall, and finally, I get a chance to sit down and type for a while.


The family spent most of the summer busy.  Here is a brief (not really) synopsis of our year so far???..



Faye finished school and was eager to get to stay home for the summer.  Clayton was glad to see his sister on an every day basis, but that wore out fast.  Breeding of heifers was completed as well as the A.I?ing of the cows.  We used the same bulls as last year.  Dazzler 54P, Gold Card, and JR Legacy 23G.  Gold Mine 6049 was turned out with all the cows and a select group that was spared the prostaglandin/CIDR?s.  Our other herd sire, M Bar Legacy 604 (23G /Countess gold) was used as clean up on the heifers.




Sommer and the kids went to the Junior nationals where Faye did a great job in the speech competition, posters, and salesmanship.  She is a big time competitor that does not like to lose.  I had the ?luxury? of staying home, baling square bales of brome with Alan.  It was amazing that after the last bales were loaded out of the field, lo, and behold, Sommer and the kids got home from Lawton.  Jeff Stump helped the 4-H club with a fitting demonstration/clinic.  The kids seemed to learn a lot from the demonstration and we hope that they enjoyed it and will return to learn more next year.  Sprayed pastures for weeds, as the weather opened up and it rained a bunch.  I had another ?luxury? of eating 2-4-D fumes for about a week.  Didn?t see much of the cow herd, as they MUST forage for a living without requiring added inputs to maintain body condition and nurse their offspring. 




We hosted a tour stop for the Shorthorn University tour, and had approximately 45 Shorthorn enthusiasts from coast to coast for a pasture tour and dinner.  The group seemed impressed with the cows, and was really impressed with the bar-b-que.  Big thanks to all the family and friends that helped out over the weekend to make the event a success.

The kids spent a week at the fair with bunnies, and photo contests, as well as serving food at the 4-H stand.  The rest of the month was spent in a tractor seat of some form, swathing, baling, hauling hay home and working ground.  Clayton?s ?knock-knock? jokes never get old after 3 hours in a tractor cab!  The cow herd was non-existent for the month, as we had a great grazing season, with no pinkeye or foot-rot.




We early weaned some calves for the state fair and had terrible weather to introduce the calves to feed.  100+ degree weather was not good, as the calves didn?t take off as well as we had hoped.  The rest of the cows were over belly deep in grass, due to the incredibly wet June/July.  In hindsight, we should have left them out, but there is always a lesson to be learned in life.  Finished another cutting of millet, with a great yield of hay, this has been an experiment for M-Bar this year, and pending approval from the cows, it looks to be great forage for us to raise.




Kids are both in school, as Clayton started pre-school 3 days a week.  The State fair proved to be fun, with a champion cow-calf pair, reserve calf champion heifer and reserve junior champion bull.  Faye was asked to move up a grade, but declined, due to change in peer group.  Weaned calves in mid September and, as anticipated, had record weaning weights.  Most of the calves were sold out of the pens within 2 weeks, less the replacement females, only a small group made it to the sale barn.  A special thanks to the buyers who have confidence in our program. 

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