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Spring is finally here!

Posted by mbarshorthorns on March 25, 2008 at 8:34 AM

Spring is finally showing it?s face and all of us here at M-Bar are exited to see some warmer/dryer weather.  This is not a typical statement from folks who live on the plains, but we have had a very cold and wet winter.  Our cow herd maintained body condition on hay and millet stocks, and we have just recently started supplementing our cows.  This years calf crop is not ?the best we have ever had?, as you hear from other producers in their promotions, but it is definitely the most consistent.  Birth weights have been very acceptable, as only one required assistance (first calf heifer).  We are averaging under 84 pounds, as this is quintessential to our program as well as the breeds long term existence.  Shorthorns are notoriously longer gestation (287 days avg at M-Bar), so we have tracked our shorter gestation cattle and plan to leverage the information to assist in future breeding decisions.

The Hank calves are really nice, but the A.I. technician (Troy), didn?t do as well as in past years, so we have fewer on the ground than anticipated.  The Legacy 23G calves have proven to be of moderate birth weight, and very vigorous at birth.  We turned Goldmine out in late May, so we are close to seeing the calves.  The replacement heifers that we have look REALLY GOOD.  The Hank calves are very feminine and have tremendous growth, while the Legacy 23G heifers look to be great females, with less muscle but better feed efficiency.  These heifers will be bred to an Angus bull, since we have had tremendous opportunities selling half Shorthorn/Angus calves.  We will be weighing them in the next week to gather yearling weights, since it is finally dry enough to get them up to the scale to weigh. 

Faye will be exhibiting this spring at some local shows.  She did very well at the Kansas Beef Expo.  See her pictures on the extras tab on  the website.  Denver proved to be a great trip as always, but we had a successful showing with our string.  There was quite a bit of interest in our bull, as well as breeder support for what we exhibited.  Our philosophy of having functional cattle that can be put on the tanbark was readily accepted by cattlemen as we talked with them at the National Western.  It was readily evident when we put Goldmine on display for the American Shorthorn Association in the yards.  There were many cattlemen from other breeds that commented on their desire to use Shorthorn genetics in their herds if they could find cattle of his quality on a CONSISTENT basis.  This could prove to be a revenue source for M-Bar in semen sales outside of the Shorthorn breed. 

As we finish up calving, we look forward to fixing fence, burning pastures, and cutting some alfalfa.  We planted a stand last fall, and hopefully the bugs won?t kill it all! 

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