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Spring Time (by Troy)

Posted by mbarshorthorns on April 29, 2010 at 5:18 PM

Spring is upon us here at M-Bar and we are really glad that winter is over. 2009-2010 winter had to be one of the wettest, coldest winters we have witnessed here on the plains in recent years. Just last week, we were able to wash off tons of mud from the tractors, and pickups due to slogging around for the last 6 months. Enough of that, we are ready for warm, dry weather.

Our calf crop this year is unbelievable! Our herd sire, M-Bar Castlerock 722T went far and above our expectations. The first calf was born in early February. It was a heifer out of a mature cow and I watched the calf get up, nurse, and run around like a jackrabbit in less than 1 hour. Getting up and nursing is expected, but the energy that the calves had this spring was remarkable. Birth weights were small, ranging from 72 pounds to 88 pounds, with one over 90. The calves have small heads, adequate bone, style in their appearance, and all have the “stamp” from their dad. They are extremely nice to look at and are really uniform in their type, even out of cows that are not similar in design. We had numerous calves get stuck in the mud along the creek bottom and saved them all. Folks, it was WET in central Kansas this year. Pulled two calves this year out of first calf heifers, but did it out of having no patience, more than doing it out of need.

We are in the middle of breeding cows, all three of them! We are so pleased with our bull battery that they were turned out with cows April 19th. The only cows that we are artificially breeding are genetically tied too closely to the bulls being used in the pastures. I do believe in line breeding, but they are basically three quarter to full sibs to our bulls. We will be flushing one cow this year, the old Countess cow (Red Cloud X GFS Countess 9302). She has an outstanding “Fathead” bull at side, and she will be flushed the same way.

All that know us should understand that we are not huge self promoters of our cattle, we try to remain astute in our breeding decisions and let our cattle speak for themselves. We don not simply propagate the hottest bull to the hottest cow line. The reason I write this is we will be promoting the Fathead calves as I feel they are truly excellent calves with a pile of future. Please feel free to stop by and look at what we have to offer, we are usually around and really proud of what our herd has produced. There, now I am finally promoting!!!!!!!!

Faye has had a nice spring with her showing of the K-Kim heifer and Clayton is now a flock manager for M-Bar sheep division (he bought two ewes this spring). Sommer continues to keep everything going around the house and ranch and I continue to be the A #1 maintenance tech for the ranch (basically the dirty work).

Hope everyone who reads this is having a great spring and good luck in your endeavors in the future.

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